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Chicken and Noodles/Dumplings

From the kitchen of Willie Bowness
Willie is a chicken and dumplings queen and she has shared this dish with us at church pot-luck lunches. We are grateful that she has now shared her recipe.


  • Early in the day boil some chicken; leg quarters, breasts, whole chicken, it don’t matter. Throw in some bullion to make the broth richer. Cook until it is coming off the bones. Allow to cool. Pick the meat of the bones. Cut into chunks. Throw away the bones and skin. Cool broth and pull off the fat.
  • While that is going on make your noodles/dumplings. To one cup flour add enough salt to fill the cup in your hand or bout 1tsp, one egg and one egg shell of water. Use the biggest shell you got. Makes ‘em easier to roll. For a crowd make 6 cups worth. I don’t think you need 6 tsps. of salt. Couple ought to do it. There is plenty in the bullion. Put your flour and salt in a bowl. Mix up good. Make a hole in the center. Put your egg and water in that hole. Use a fork to whip the egg and water. Mix wet stuff into the dry. It’s gonna take a while and you need to get your hands in it. Knead on a floured surface until it’s a smooth consistency. It’s gonna be thick and heavy. Bit sticky too. Flour your counter. Roll them out thin. If there ain’t a mess on the floor it ain’t right. If you want dumplings cut bite sized squares. For noodles cut long skinny strips. Let these sit on the counter till you are ready to cook them in the evening. If you are taking them to church for lunch do all this the night before.
  • Bout 45 min. till you want to eat bring the chicken and broth to a boil. Make sure you got enough. If you need more add water and more bullion. How much is enough. It’s just enough. When it’s a raging boil throw in our noodle/dumplings. Bring back to a boil. Turn it down. Cook till tender. Bout ½ hour.