What ought to be, not what is – that is our Mission. To close the gap between the way things currently are in our church, our community and our world, and the way things ought to be, we believe God calls members of Steelville Presbyterian Church to:

  • Maintain a church that is comfortable to us . . . and others.
  • Welcome worshipers of all ages, educational background, ethnicity and social status.
  • Find their unique talents and use them to spread the Good News.
  • Constantly strive to improve religious education for ourselves and others.
  • Serve God through service to others.
  • Work together for the fellowship, health and welfare of the community.
  • Strive to make all feel welcome, not only in the church, but the community.
  • To be led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Be more intentional in sharing our faith with our families, neighbors, friends, co-workers and others in the community.
  • Be open to changes that will benefit our church and our community.
  • Promote meaningful religious practices, worship and fellowship activities.
  • Be active members in the church – in mind, spirit and body.

Our Mission Statement in Action

We will constantly evaluate everything we do, from our current mission to our new programs to see if we are closing the gap. All programs shall pass the test of mission, for the betterment of our church, our community and our world.