The Steelville Presbyterian Church is committed to strengthening our community, both locally and globally, by attempting to close the gap between what is and what ought to be. We realize we will never close this gap completely, but will strive to do God’s work through our mission in an attempt to see this gap close in some positive way.

Our specific vision as a congregation is to reach all the people in our community with the invitation to accept Christ’s freely offered gift of a saving relationship with him, and to encourage them to express their acceptance of that gift through worship and service. As a community of faith, we want to work to build a church which is open to new people and new ideas which are consistent with our beliefs. We will support different approaches to implementing our Mission and Vision, provided such approaches are consistent with maintaining a united, harmonious and loving church.

We shall implement our mission and vision by remaining unswervingly committed to building our ministries upon Jesus Christ and His word.